Social Care

The tank storage sector is an important stakeholder in the logistic chain of liquid products.  As interface between production and distribution it acts on a high qualitative and carefull level and works very intensively together with all transport modes.  In this respect sustainability is imperative to the sector for all approaches to the market and towards the international business.  


A lot of efforts are made by the Tank Storage Sector to increase the development of sustainable related actions and to maintain her commitment.  


To be committed to sustainability is a continuous process of saving costs in order to achieve higher performances in tank storage in direct compatibility with the industry, environment and people towards a cleaner and better world, and without decreasing safety and security levels.  


At the same time a reduction of risks is noted due to this process.  Exchange of information between members and external federations is highly encouraged in order to create a better basis for this sustainability.  Decarbonisation is today more than ever a sensitive issue and has to be handled very carefully step by step towards a carbon free world, but also at reasonable costs and within a reasonable time frame.


A responsible behaviour in this matter is imperative in order to support all tank storage operations and activities without jeopardising safety, health and environmental care.  Also a lot of efforts are done by the tank storage companies so that the community is aware about the efforts made to reach this environmental care.