Compliant with .....

Safety is a corner stone of the working of the tank storage companies. All installations and complete assets have to be dedicated to quality, safety, and reliability.


The daily operations are subject to the highest possible safety rules due to the size of activities and due tthe possible consequences related to the business.


This means that storage tanks, transfer equipment and business related elements have to comply with the highest existing standards, regulations and rules.  Besides  the physical situation, also procedures, professional skill of personnel and communication means have to be adapted to this level of compliance.


Therefore training of personnel, exchange of informatrion, exchange of experience, benchmarking and consultations with customers, local, federal and European authorities and finally suppliers of services and equipment are executed to preserve this safety and to avoid as much as possible unknown accidents.


Performance improvements are always encouraged in accordance with all safety measures and standards.  Even beyond the existing regulations and standards, specific supplementary methodologies and information tools are worked out on a local or national level, which can be used by the Tank Storage Sector on European level.  This is mostly the case as many of the mebers are internationally operating companies.   


More specifically existing methods are the SMT (Safety Maturity Tool), used in The Netherlands and the Health and Safety statistics under the Safety Performance Summary.   These exercises are held on a yearly basis to help increase the safety standards of the tank storage sector.