Professional commitment

As the tank storage sector is operating in an international logistic context for trade and industry, a professional and continuous approach to the best development and preservation of the environment is highly placed in each tank storage company.  As sector not using packaging means but strongly involved in the handling and storing of chemical, mineral and food products in large volumes, high safety measures towards health and environment are in place to guarantee smooth operations and secure protection of the environment.


Not only the customers' needs and requirements, but also the interests of employees, operators and subcontractors are continuously investigated, analysed and improved when needed.  Also special care is given to the local business and population, living in the vicinity of tank storage companies.  A healthy and sustainable environment is inherent on a safe working environment.  Exchange of information, close follow up of national, European and international legislation and development of environmental issues are tracked , discussed and implemented with or without relevant benchmarking and according to regulatory decisions and market standards.


In this context also a number of working methods can or will be adapted accordingly.  General standards , international methods, sector guidelines or tailor-made measurements are used in accordance with the latest developments on the Environmental Level.