Tank Storage means the storage of large quantities of liquids in bulk.

These products stored typically include crude oil and derived products, chemicals and edible oils and fats and are owned by third parties, our customers.


Tank Storage Companies act as custodians and provide an interface between production and consumption.   In fact they are strategic enablers for logistic flows of liquid products, and they are stakeholder of the Supply Chain, acting with all transport modes.


They serve the vital economic purpose of transferring liquid products from one transportation mode to another.


Products handled by our members include :

  • crude and refined petroleum products (e.g. gasoline, fuel oils, and asphalt)
  • renewable fuels
  • chemicals (e.g. fertilizers, solvents and sulfuric acid)
  • fertilizers
  • animal and vegetable oils (used in cosmetics, soaps and food products)
  • molasses and alcohols