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Supplier Partnership




Tank terminal logistics and automation provider. Activities: We give advice on, design, realize and support industrial processes. Moreover, we also offer service and training. In Actemium you find a partner for the entire life cycle of your industrial site. The daily management of your tank terminal becomes more and more demanding: strict regulations, efficiency, traceability, planning, cost, …With the Actemium Tank Terminal Management Solution (ATMS) we offer an independent system that comprises all necessary elements for the most efficient tank terminal management.





Netherlands-based first-class supplier on the international market for Marine, Rail and Road liquid transfer systems. KANON distinguishes itself by designing according to the latest development with regard to efficient design, safety, ultra-low maintenance and operator convenience. KANON operates on a worldwide basis via a well-trained network of carefully selected agents and associate companies, fully able to promote all aspects of the KANON product range.KANON has supplied equipment direct to customers in all areas of the processing industry including chemical, petrochemical, storage terminals, pharmaceutical, healthcare and more.



Terminals are increasing in size but are being operated by fewer and fewer people, so safe automation and remote monitoring are becoming ever more important. Agidens helps you in the expansion or renewal of your tank terminal operations. In doing so we have always striven to provide flexible solutions that increase the efficiency and at the same time ensure that the terminal meets the highest safety norms.
Since 1954, PROTEGO® has built and provided safety devices and tank equipment, now with the help of more than 600 employees worldwide. We are the technology leader within our area of expertise. We provide global services for our customers which include research and development, application-specific engineering, overall protection system design and safety awareness training. Our customers know they can rely on our research capabilities, engineering expertise and high-quality products for the up and downstream oil and gas, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, and bio-energy industries.

Airfal International is an Explosion-proof lighting Spanish services supplier for hazardous classified areas for the Oil & Gas Industry and projects where EX products are required.


Risk management is based upon the knowledge of events and the sharing of experience. Since 1953, Gesip has been reinforcing human safety and assets integrity by sharing its knowledge, by offering expertise and training. We bring together industrial companies to create professional guidelines. Gesip provides qualified services, training and consulting assistance to industrial and logistics sites. We work in the field of chemical risks, industrial fire, explosion as well as crisis management. Our vocation is to help improve safety performances and promote a strong HSE culture.


Honeywell provides a comprehensive range of products and solutions for inventory management and tank terminal operations, offering open connectivity, modular design and a robust migration path. The solutions enable optimum use of tank storage capacity to maximize operational efficiency and increase revenues. Users benefit from reduced project risk, on-time production schedules and improved business performance with solutions that drive safety and reliability.

Our online platform provides detailed terminal data. With this tool, you are able to search and locate terminals, compare terminals and see all relevant details. The system offers information on terminal location, infrastructure and logistical performance.

  Verwater offers a full spectrum of industrial and tank-related services to support its clients in maintenance and construction works. We have gathered over 95 years of worldwide experience and work with all types of tanks and industrial installations. As an experienced project management organization, we can execute multidisciplinary projects and our services extend to total maintenance trajectories. We can rely on our experienced Engineering department combined with our own, specialized equipment and state-of-the-art prefab shops at strategic locations.

Somati Systems NV (part of the SK Fire Safety Group) has a dedicated team for the engineering, installation and maintenance of fire fighting systems on tank terminals. Within our group, we have product manufacturers such as Knowsley and Saval which strengthen our position delivering solutions to answer specific challenges in the tank terminal sector. We have specific solutions such as high capacity foam mixing systems that can be tested without mixing foam and water, a foam pressure tank system to replace foam pumps (less maintenance), fluor free foam concentrates, flame detection for storage tanks, etc. In general, we are a solution provider with installation capabilities with a strong focus on service and maintenance.

Tank Terminals strive to meet business and performance goals. Constantly changing market dynamics and operational challenges can make it difficult. By partnering with Emerson, you’ll have access to a global network of automation experts and process management capabilities. With an unrivaled breadth of offering, Emerson has the technology and expertise to support you regardless if you need Tank Gauging, DCS systems, valves, regulators, flow measurement, tank management, truck loading, logistics and planning software. Emerson can help you safely optimize operations and maximize production, ensuring accurate level, temperature and pressure measurement in all kinds of tanks – fixed roof, floating roof, pressurized bullets and spheres, and cryogenic. Emerson invented radar tank gauging in 1974, installed the first radar level gauge in 1975 and delivers more tank gauging systems worldwide today than anyone else. With great experience and undivided focus on safety and service brings tank terminal automation to a new level.

Cegelec Fire Solutions (part of VINCI Energies) is your partner to protect terminals in accordance with the latest fire protection standards for the storage and transshipment of liquid chemicals, liquefied gas and petroleum products. We can provide turn-key projects for tank pits, gas bullets and jetties. Loading areas and pump plates can also be protected with dedicated systems, such as water/foam monitors. Our installations are equipped with SMART, Sprinkler Management and Remote Tracking. This new and innovative digital platform increases the performance of sprinkler installations, can reduce costs and takes major steps forward in the digital transformation. Thanks to SMART, your system can be, on your request, remotely and wirelessly controlled from a desktop, tablet or even smartphone. Preventive and periodic maintenance, provided by Cegelec Fire Solutions, is of great importance for the operating reliability of your installation. Our team of experienced and certified technicians promptly detect any malfunctions or defects and you are certain that your system is always operational.

Since 1985 Mecanicas Bolea provides all metallurgical services as a global supplier specialized in manufacturing, machining and tank&piping projects. We provide total maintenance and new project development in terminal plants related to static and dynamic works based in our background with more than 500 tanks repaired in all diameters and over 60 new tanks erected. A large range of pressurized vessels could be design and manufactured as slop tanks, additive tanks and others. Oil&Gas, Chemical, Naval, Food&Pharma and Aeronautics are our main activities areas. 

Ivens Construction can look back on a successful company history of more than eighty years. Since the very first tank the company nursed only one great ambition - throughout all the moves, construction projects, recruitment and expansion: to build the best storage tanks on the market. We cherish our rich history, but always keep our sights trained on the future.