Continuous Improvement

  • The designation European in the name of the Federation matches the geographical scope of the Council of Europe (45 countries).

  • FETSA encourages the establishment of National Tank Storage Associations.

  • In the absence of a National Association in the country where its operations are based, an individual Tank Storage Company can become Associated Member.

  • International network with other similar or complementary federations and organisations is established and will be extended to increase the exchange of information and know how on various levels related to safety, security, sustainability, health and human interest.

  • Focus
    Besides monitoring issues which may have a direct impact on the Tank Storage Business, it is equally important to keep track of regulatory developments in a variety of relevant Industry and Trade Sectors. For instance, the phasing out or replacement of a certain chemical substance for environmental or safety reasons will not only affect producers and users but also the logistic chain of which Tank Storage is a part. Because of a large and varied customer related environment FETSA to foster a multitude of cross-sector liaisons. Overall the following priority area's are applied by FETSA:
    • Excise and customs policies, mainly guarantees and losses.
    • Environment.
    • Standards of technology.
    • Seveso III implementation.
    • Storage and transportation of dangerous substances.
    • Safety and quality assessment.
    • Energy policies.
    • Strategic stocks of oil products.
    • Shore / ship interface(marine and inland), port policies.
    • Liabilities with respect to oil or chemicals pollution at sea (FETSA has observer status with the IOPCF since 1996).
    • In 2002 FETSA applied for official non-governmental status with the Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine.